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Hold a vision of transformation
for the Garbage City.

Together we can make a difference. Our thoughts and our prayers and energy can help to create new waves of change for this community.

Each of us knows people that know people and our ripple can create a wave that reaches the ears and the hearts of those with the resources and knowledge to physically make a difference for this city on a grand scale.

Thousands of us holding a vision of the city’s transformation will ignite a wave of energy supporting the formation of that reality.

Collecting donations for this cause is great, but the real message in this recording is about helping these people by praying for them, sending love and supporting a vision of a new reality.

With that said, Serenity Ministries continues to collect donations for the purchase of food and goods for the children of Manshiyat Naser. Working with the Coptic priests from the Cave Cathedral and the Sisters of Mother Teresa, those offerings will multiply like the loaves and fishes, filling many hungry tummies.

Let’s ripple the energy of change out to the world as your good wishes and prayers join the flood of others to create a means for the vision of the city’s transformation to manifest.