The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique (SVH) is a powerful form of active prayer that was received as a direct channel from the Creator in 2000. The Creator can do anything and waits ready to act upon your instruction. This modality conveys your chosen course to the Creator in a focused directive manner.

Unlike other prayers, the multifaceted mechanisms of the Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique apply your requests in an active form of prayer. The prayer intentions direct the Creator to replace limiting formatting with new imprints and beliefs that support balance, harmony, sovereignty and personal empowerment. With SVH you are empowering the Creator to co-create with you.

The Creator is omnipotent and all powerful, needing no empowerment from anything in order to create. However, the universal laws of free will were invoked by the Creator to support your sovereign choices to create without unwanted interventions spoiling your experiences. The Creator will never break the laws of free will to change your reality. Alternatively, when you pray, your free will choice empowers the Creator to intercede on your behalf.  SVH conveys an open invitation to the Creator to step in and intervene. It will change millions of lives.

Prayer is a request made to the Creator in any form. It is immaterial whether you pray to God, Allah, Heavenly Mother, Heavenly Father, Yahweh, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Ra, Mother Mary or the host of Angels. Our blessed Creator is all things and is known by many names.

The Creator is the unwavering source of our being. The form or name that one uses to call upon the Creator is a personal preference. Using the name preferred by an individual assists them to dispel the genetic and current life imprints that are supporting insular dogmas, which place limits on one’s divine right to form a communication with the Creator in their own way.

Each time you release attachment to labels that support separation and judgment, you elevate your own consciousness and help to support the collective transformation.

The SVH tools will change your life. They are simple and easy to use and can be utilized in an instant to defuse unbalanced situations, release the foundations of old paradigms that are no longer serving you, and  foster the unfolding of limitless potentials.

Every facet of this modality is aligned with the highest principles of divine truth and the divine timing of each recipient that empowers the Creator to implement the mechanisms of the Serenity Tools.

The freedom of expression that comes with utilizing these tools assists you to think outside of the box. As the layers of embedded genetic formatting are gracefully released by the Creator, ideals are elevated to new heights, liberating one from the parameters of conventional limitations that are held in the collective reality.

Use of these tools sponsors new levels of expectance that upholds ones sovereignty and autonomy. The current life and genetic debris that is obstructing the divine ideal vision of an individual’s purpose is reformatted by the Creator.

Your Personal Journey

Ultimately the goal of all evolving masters is to master the mind. The heightened states of awareness achieved with the use of these tools foster new levels of clarity that can only be found within a quiet mind. In that space of serenity, instant manifestation is easily attained as undesirable formations will shift to bear the divine ideal imprint of your conscious desires.

It is as simple to create a disaster as it is to manifest a divine ideal reality. The creation energy that fuels each event is the same. The distinction in each formula, which swings the pendulum from an undesirable reality to a desirable one, can be identified by the components of your recipe.

The current script of your life is being written every moment by your thoughts, your words and your choices. The events that are unfolding in your life are a direct reflection of those choices, whether consciously defined or unconsciously allowed. 

Learn how to use SVH

The foundational tools of SVH are taught in a telephone course. The tools can be utilized to harness creation energy, fueling the manifestation of all facets of your existence, by allowing you to consciously direct the formation of every reality.

These tools assist one’s mastery path. They are utilized to release barriers and blocks that are impeding the user from reaching personal goals, attracting honoring relationships, acquiring wealth, healing the body and eliminating non-serving habits. This modality can be implemented to create new patterns of safety, heal broken relationships, and to quiet mind chatter and predacious rumination. As a practitioner of Serenity, you can be the definer of the plan that the Creator initiates when the tools you apply are activated.

This modality is a gift to all beings that are struggling. It can be used to assist one to rise above the limitations of embedded genetic formatting as well as current life traumas and restrictive beliefs that were imposed in the foundational stages of youth.

This active form of prayer is the premier enlightenment tool of the century. Whether you utilize an SVH minister or practitioner to employ the tools for you or you become certified to direct this master modality for yourself and others, it will change your life.




Jill Marie