Introducing Eco-Chaplaincy:

A Mediating and Educative approach to helping people re-engage with Nature!

Do you aspire to make a difference?

Become an Eco-Chaplain!

Eco-Chaplains mediate, mentor & share ways to uplift & enlighten our lives in the world, providing a sheltering & respectful space to re-engage with Nature.

• Explore Spiritual Ecology, increase ecological awareness
• Deepen consciousness, move from dual to nondual living


Be ordained as a Chaplain
& Eco-Chaplain!

Training & Ordination for Chaplains and Eco-Chaplains are now available through SVH and Serenity Ministries.

Rev. Julie Hawkins:



Chaplaincy & Eco-Chaplaincy

Traditional Chaplains

  • Assist people as they walk through life,
  • Have patience, compassion, empathy,
  • Offer a place of safety for sharing experiences and feelings,
  • Help people move through difficult life circumstances,
  • Assist in times of crisis, ill-health and disaster,
  • Listen to those who need someone to both listen and hear them,
  • Provide companionship and walk beside those in difficulty,
  • Convene meetings, offer mediation and mentoring,
  • Provide a spiritual presence within the community.



Offer a mediating presence between:

  • Living from habit or choice,
  • Humans and Nature,
  • Dualistic views and the evolving nondual consciousness.
  • Help bridge the gap between:
  • An outworn industrial world-view & a respectful renewal & restoration of Nature,
  • Old and new paradigms,
  • Dualism and Nonduality.

Assist in creating an evolving nondual world, where:

  • Nature is valued, respected and restored,
  • Humans and our companion species share the planet,
  • Ecosystems and Earth systems are being restored to a state of balance.

Encourage empathy, compassion, altruism, fellow feeling & love, which generate:

  • An uplifting of the spirit and psyche in all of Earth,
  • An upwelling of generosity, neighborliness and grace,
  • An elevation of values toward a life-supporting, enlivening Nonduality.

Offer an inspirational Educative presence:

  • Deliver vital information on ecology, Earth systems and spirituality,
  • Share details & guidance on bringing Earth Systems into balance,
  • Share teachings on evolving nonduality within communities.

Work towards the elevation of consciousness from dual to nondual to:

  • Enable deepening understanding of the interconnectedness of all things,
  • Share ways to help heal Earth’s ecosphere by understanding interdependency,
  • Foster experience of conscious living & participation in Earth’s ecosphere,
  • Share fresh techniques & tools for consciousness raising,
  • Equip communities with consciousness raising experiences to share with all.


Steps & Stages of the
Eco-Chaplaincy Process

  1. Decide to become a Chaplain, or Chaplain & Eco-Chaplain
  2. Make an expression of Interest
  3. The type of ordination is decided on and booked
  4. Information is disseminated – Manual 1 on Chaplaincy & Eco- Chaplaincy
  5. 1st Ordination occurs: as Chaplain
  6. 2nd Ordination occurs: as Eco-Chaplain
  7. Online Training through Tutorials, Manuals, & Workshops
  8. Manuals on: Chaplaincy, Eco-Chaplaincy, & Mediative / Educative Aspects of Eco-Chaplaincy (3 manuals)
  9. Manual on Consciousness: From Duality to Nonduality (1 manual)
  10. Spiritual Ecology (1 manual)
  11. Transforming Earth Systems (1 manual)
  12. Ecospheric Ecology & Ecological Ethics. (1 manual)


Eco-Chaplaincy has two strands: Mediation & Education.

1. Eco-Chaplains offer a mediating presence and act as a bridge between the old and the new, the disengaged and the interconnected, the dualistic and the nondual.

2. Eco-Chaplains offer an educative opportunity within their communities, with a supportive structure that is well resourced, based on fresh academic research, and grounded in divine spiritual wisdom.

3. Eco-Chaplains share both spiritual and ecological knowledge and deep experiences of ways we participate in Earth and Earth’s systems and eco- systems, communicating aesthetic deepening of consciousness.

Note: Training in both the Mediative strand and the Educative strand will be available through online sessions: tutorials, workshops and manuals.

The Educative strand of Eco-Chaplaincy makes a range of Short Courses available within Communities as Community Education, to further evolve the general population’s understanding of the need to elevate consciousness in order to re-engage with Nature, through aligning with and experiencing Nature more directly.

  • Eco-Aware Living and Living Consciously
    - What is conscious living?
  • Transforming Earth Systems
  • Spiritual Ecology: from duality to nonduality
    - Consciousness
  • Ecospheric Ecology & Ecological Ethics
  • Cycles of Interconnection: Ecospheric Earth Science
  • Relinquishing Anthropocentric views
  • Shifting the Cultural Paradigm
  • Applying Ecological Ethics
  • Bringing Ecosystems into balance
  • Duality and Nonduality
  • Deep Ecology & Interconnectedness
  • Eco-Theology and Conscious Living
  • Ecology and Eco-Philosophy



Rev. Julie Hawkins: